16 September 2022

Hello, dear readers, in today's article, I will share my ideas and predictions about the tourism and real estate market by referring to the entire coastline, the main subject of which is Fethiye. Almost everyone knows that there is an intense demand for real estate in the Muğla coast and Antalya coast regions. So what is the reason for all this density? I'm sure everyone has asked this question even once, so as Noktaglobal and Noktahomes, we will try to clarify this issue based on our 20 years of experience in both construction and tourism in the Fethiye region.

The coastline of Muğla and Turkey attracts the attention of real estate investors around the world, especially the coastline starting from Bodrum to Antalya is considered the most popular real estate investment region. If we look at it from the eyes of the locals, we can easily understand why they want to do it here. Local people, especially people who live in big cities and have savings, want to have a seaside town or a house or a summer house on the coastline, like every other person, they prefer these places both for their intermediate holidays and for their post-retirement life. Because one of the biggest reasons for choosing this place is that it has beautiful beaches, as well as magnificent nature and wonderful natural life, and the high oxygen level. and wants the investment to be evaluated as an investor psychology. And every investor knows that any investment with a coast and beautiful nature does not lose value, and this is much more than the coastline extending to Muğla and Antalya. Especially in scarce products. I will talk about why I said that the supply is scarce in a separate section. Therefore, this coastline is the most valuable factor that makes this place the most valuable factor and actually makes this region unemployed. Now, while the locals are looking at it this way, why shouldn't foreign investors love it while the locals love it? Right now I'm going to ask you to put yourself in an Englishman's shoes. You live in the United Kingdom, you were born there, you grew up there, and you lived in England until you were in your forties. It rains every day, it's always cold and dark, big cities, choppy and unsuitable for swimming beaches or seas. And once you come to visit Fethiye, wonderful smiling people, full of energy, world-class life, magnificent nature, legendary seas, beaches, coves, magnificent climate, they are sure to come to heaven, and on top of that, Turkey's superiority compared to other countries. And the fact that the Turkish people are educated and modern, when the Turkish state is strong and ancient, makes this place unique. And from the investor's point of view, seeing that his investment is gaining in value on a monthly basis makes this place indispensable. It is possible to say the same example for all European citizens. Or it is possible to say in Russia or a middle eastern person. As you can see easily in the example we gave, this region is one of the few unique regions in the world. There is no obstacle not to invest here.


Which is the most valued city in this region? We can rank the most valued cities as follows. We can list such as Fethiye, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Alanya. So which one should you invest in as an investor? We will try our best to enlighten you on this matter. Antalya has started to offer more metropolitan life, I can't say it is very popular other than a few regions, because the residences are rising in apartment style and this offers more city life, not beach life. However, when you say the beach, more detached buildings come to the fore. Alanya offers a beautiful life to live, but its destiny is not suitable for growth like Marmaris, even if it grows, the new houses to be built will be far from offering the beach life. Bodrum seems to be a very good option for investment, I am sure for you, if you are far from the real estate sector, I agree with you, because Bodrum is very, very popular, almost every summer, all the celebrities go on vacation there, and all Turks prefer to go there on vacation, but I want you to know this. As a result of the real estate investment made by celebrities in the bodrum in the last 15 years, real estate prices are extremely inflated, have reached exorbitant prices and a rapidly rising market has to fall rapidly. Because of this situation, even first-class people will not be able to invest there, because the prices are really high. And my personal opinion is that one day celebrities will step away from there, the real estate sector will be damaged very much, I want you to know that I said these words specifically for Bodrum, because Bodrum is a place mostly preferred by local tourists and Turkish celebrities. However, I would like you to know that in all the remaining coastal cities, including Antalya, more tourists come, foreign investors and then Turkish tourists and investors come, meaning that the majority of them are not foreigners, which means that foreign currency investments make a premium. Foreign means less supply and high demand. Any economic situation in Turkey. It means that it will not affect the region thanks to foreign investors.



Fethiye is the most beautiful city of this coastline and the dead sea is the most popular area of ​​Fethiye. What makes Fethiye stand out and suitable for investment. What are the differences that distinguish it from other cities with precedents? First of all, Fethiye offers coastal life in every residential area that is suitable for development and the dead sea, ovacık and fortification area. Especially the ovacık and Hisarönü regions offer a cool and humid life opportunity in the climatically scorching summer heat. Investing here will bring you great profitability in the long run. It is almost impossible for the prices of the Fethiye region to decrease. Because investment is not made here from a single nationality or a certain class. There are investments suitable for almost every class, and on top of that, there is no other city that offers such a good opportunity to continue to invest here from all nationalities. Ovacık and Hisarönü regions are suitable for development and are 10 minutes away from each center. In terms of investment, the regions that receive the most investment are the ovacık and Hisarönü regions. The British, Europeans, Russians and Turks are investing the most in this region, this region is one of the regions that earns the most foreign currency for Turkey. If you want your investment to not melt down in the face of inflation and even generate income in the inflationary environment of the world right now, this place is indisputably unique.


 When I say products with limited supply, what I am trying to tell you is this. I have explained the prominent areas of the entire coastline with details above, and now I will try to explain to you why the real estate supply in Fethiye is scarce. We foresee that the areas open to development and the areas that will be really nice to live in will be exhausted and they will be filled in the next 5 years. Therefore, you can calculate for yourself how much value your investment can gain at the moment. And even the new development zones to be issued will certainly be in demand, but Hisarönü and ovacık will always be the most popular because of the dead sea, this Göcek and Calis region will follow. We, as Noktaglobal and the Noktahomes family, will be happy to assist you in your real estate and tourism investments.

Bilal Kucukaslan.