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Property Purchasıng Process


We explain to you what you need to do to resort to the most specific solutions.

Real Estate Purchase Process

Like almost every entrepreneur who wants to invest in Fethiye Real Estate, your goal may be to open the door to a profitable alternative! We explain to you what you need to do to resort to the most specific solutions and continue the process meticulously. As Nokta Homes, we will bring you the advantage of investing in real estate with a narrative that will meet your expectations at the maximum level!

As an entrepreneur, do you wonder what awaits you in the process of buying homes and finding real estate for sale? Then take a closer look at what you need to do with the Nokta Homes advantages. Then take action to live through this process!


There are special details to pay attention to when you want to buy a house! Buying a home with these details in mind will lead to a more privileged process for you. In this context, you should take a look at the following steps.


The first and most important detail when you want to buy a house is the examination of the House. As Nokta Homes, we allow you to examine the house you want to buy in all the details and bring the quality together with you. Moreover, we support you with a process that will answer all your questions during the house inspection process. As Nokta Homes, we also allow you to meet people who have become homeowners during the House review stages that we offer you. In this way, we allow you to experience a higher quality purchase process and also allow you to get an idea of your experience without investing yet.


When you want to buy a new home, your decision-making process can take a while. But at the end of the process, if you want the house that you have decided to own, you will be able to make a reservation at this point. By making a reservation, you can prevent the house you like from being bought by others. In this way, you will not encounter the situation in which the house you want to have escapes your hands.
As Nokta Homes, you can have your new home by passing through the payment phase after leaving behind the booking phase, which is very valuable in the process of determining the property and buying the House.


As a domestic or foreign investor, you will need to complete the final payment process after leaving behind the selection and evaluation processes to buy a home. Nokta Homes, which allows you to take advantage of different payment options, allows you to sign a privileged process. Nokta Homes promises you the best about villa for sale in Hisaronu or apartment for sale in Ovacik!

Immediately after completing payment transactions according to your budget, all you have to do is complete the process by completing the title deeds! As Nokta Homes, we support you in the land registry transactions. At this point, we meet all your expectations and offer you the privilege of supporting you with special solutions. You can also step into a perfect real estate purchase process with the Nokta Homes.