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16 September 2022

One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey. I am sure that it is one of the first places that come to mind when you think of a holiday in Turkey. I would like to talk about the magnificent view of Marmaris that will first impress you on your way to Marmaris. Even if you are going by private car or bus, this magnificent view of Marmaris will be the first to welcome you. Although the roads of the whole region are inclined in general, the roads of Marmaris are slightly more inclined and curved. As you pass those bends and curves one by one, you dive into the smell and wonderful view of the magnificent pine forests, and you slowly approach the last bends, then a wonderful view appears on the right and welcome to Marmaris. All of Marmaris is a beauty that you can't get enough of looking under your feet. You can even see the coves that are close from the pear field to the içmeler areas. The deep blue sea, the sea surrounding all of Marmaris, the magnificent view of the yachts in the marina and the unique smell of the sea. As you slowly descend the last bends, tall lush palm trees greet you. A little ahead, you pass by the beach, clean roads under the palm trees, the smell of the sea, people fishing, people swimming, walking, people, the harmony of the music playing around, magnificent pine forests around you, the unique Mediterranean and Aegean sea in front of you. Welcome to Marmaris. I tried to explain these unique feelings to you by writing even a little bit, but I am sure that you will share the same feelings with me after your visit here. I'm slowly coming to the part you've been waiting for with excitement. I'm starting to tell you the most beautiful places of Marmaris, its bays, and the street of bars.


I would like to start by saying that Marmaris bar street is
undoubtedly the most beautiful bar street in Turkey, because it is
really a street and you will see thousands of people having fun in big
venues by entering through small doors. One of the most beautiful
parts of the bar street is that it is right next to the beach, the big
and beautiful Marmaris marina right next to it, the entertainment
starts at 11 in the evening and continues non-stop until 4 in the
morning, there are all kinds of bars you want and love in the bar
street, live music, pop music. There are bars that play different styles
of music, rnb hip-hop, or foreign music, Turkish, and usually at 3:30
in the morning, foam parties are held for the last thirty minutes, half
an hour before the music turns off. I am sure you will love it too.


The uzun yalı starts from Marmaris marina and extends to the 
entrance road of the içmeler, and this is a really long distance. 
Although the uzun yalı along the beach is beautiful with swimmers 
in the sea in the morning and during the daytime, it is also beautiful 
in the evening, of course, you can take a very nice cool walk starting 
from the marina around 20:00, the yachts slowly rocking in the 
marina, the smell of the sea, couples holding hands, hookah cafes, 
cafes with live music, peaceful people fishing on the beach, the clean 
sand of the beach and the waves of the sea, the street of bars that 
are slowly coming to life, ice cream shops, chestnut sellers and 
walking on the sand by taking off your shoes, I definitely 
recommend you to take this walk.


Maiden's Sand is a 20-minute drive from the places to go, 
and the most distinctive feature of the Maiden's Sand is 
that the water level comes up to your knees for about 3 
kilometers, and the beach and the water are really clean and 
blue, adding a different beauty. Of course, there is also an 
area where you can swim and enjoy it very comfortably. It is 
possible to take beautiful pictures there, and there are 
villages and restaurants in that region that are famous for 
their pancakes and natural oils, and we recommend you to 
visit them as well.


Marmaris castle is located in the center of Marmaris. A place that 
history lovers must visit, the roads on the way to the castle smell of 
history and are very beautiful, there is a wonderful view of Marmaris 
castle, you can take great photos here, the castle has its own 
museum, visiting this place will give you different feelings, I 
recommend it, it is enough to spend two hours here. I recommend 
you to visit the Marmaris Grand Bazaar, which is close to the castle, 
and shop at the modern covered bazaar where almost everything is 


Turgut waterfall is located in Turgut village of Marmaris. This 
beautiful waterfall, which is a 30-minute drive away, is worth seeing. 
On the way to the waterfall, there are wonderful and famous 
breakfast shops on the way, you can add flavor to your day by 
having a nice rich and delicious village breakfast, and there are 
famous pancakes on the way. After you arrive at the waterfall, there 
is a car park at the entrance. After parking your car there, you have 
to continue on your way, the road is not that long, only a 5 minute 
walk, the road is really beautiful, you pass through long pine trees 
full of oxygen and you arrive at the place you want to see and reach 
the waterfall. Even though the waterfall is really beautiful, you can 
swim, even you can go to the top of the waterfall and jump from 
there, and I would like to mention that the water is really green and 
very clean and deep, the water is really, very cold for your 
information. A place where you can have a good time that you will 
not regret. It would be more logical to go here in the afternoon.


Although Icmelere is a neighborhood of Marmaris, it is a place 
where you can do very nice activities. It has very nice wide and long 
beaches, there are five-star hotels, very high quality restaurants 
around it, we can say that the sea is cleaner than the center of 
Marmaris, there are hills with a very beautiful view around which 
you can go by car, you can go up the hills with your vehicles and 
take pictures with beautiful views of Marmaris. Although there is life 
in Icmeler in winter, but ıt ıs much more beautiful place in summer, 
and the majority of tourists are British. We recommend that you 
spend the whole day here.


Also known as the sedir island, this place is truly worth seeing with 
its golden sandy beach and its proximity to the center of Marmaris, 
making it unique. And according to a belief, it is believed that 
Cleopatra swam here, and there is an ancient city from the Roman 
period here, you can have a great time here and visit the ancient 
city. You can spend all day here. The ancient city can be visited for a 
fee. Museum card holders can enter for free.


You need to reserve a day to go on the boat tour and we 
recommend that you buy your tickets one day in advance. Boat 
tours start at 10 am and end at 5 pm. Breakfast is not provided on 
the boat tour, so we recommend that you take breakfast with you. 
Lunch and soft drinks are provided free of charge. The most 
beautiful thing about a boat tour is that you can go to unique coves 
that you cannot go with your vehicles. You can visit about 10 
beautiful bays, you can swim in almost all of them, and there are 
musical entertainments on the boat, I am sure you will have a great 
time. I wish everyone to have a good time in Marmaris