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16 September 2022

In this blog, we will take you to Mardin, the heart of Mesopotamia. We will talk about the central districts of Mardin and a little bit from the southeast. Mesopotamia is the birthplace of civilizations, the place where humanity began, the place where belief and life in the world began, the place that is home to dozens of different religions and races, the sacred region of almost every belief,

Mesopotamia, which has witnessed every war since the first
existence of humanity. Mardin, with its rich culture, ancient
history, city of religions and languages, city of peace and
understanding, city of respect and love, city of tolerance
and civilization. One of the most prominent features of
Mardin is the place where different religions and beliefs
have lived for centuries, and this place spreads tremendous
peace. Kurds, Turks, Mardin Arabs, Yezidis, Assyrians,
Muslims, Jews, and many other beliefs in Mardin. It is a
place where people have lived in peace for centuries. No
religion or race is despised or excluded in Mardin, on the
contrary, it is respected with high sensitivity. This feature of
Mardin makes the people of Mardin the most tolerant
people in the world. Mardin and Midyat, which is the
district of Mardin, is among the cities and districts that
attract the most tourists with its historical structure.
Mardin's tolerance, warmth, sincerity, mardin makes our
trip unforgettable, after all the countries and cities we
visited and saw, we realized that there is a lot for the world
to learn from Mardin, and after we said that there is a lot to
take as an example, we will tell you about the most
beautiful places in Mardin, we will try to tell you where you
should visit and see.
Mardin is a city built on a very high mountain, there is a Mardin
castle at the top of the mountain. The houses, mosques, churches,
guest houses, all of which descend from the bottom of the castle to
the foothills of the mountain, are all made of Mardin stone, making
the day in Mardin a different day and a beautiful evening. It is
possible to go out and visit the castle of Mardin, we recommend you
to listen to the story and history of the castle of Mardin, it will be
exciting to examine the architecture of the castle of Mardin, and the
view of the castle of Mardin is an experience that is hard to describe,
I am sure you will not forget it for the rest of your life, It is possible
to see the Mesopotamian lands, Kızıltepe, which is flat under your
feet, and it is possible to fly over Mardin with a parachute. You can
take great photos there, you can slowly go down from there and
start exploring the old city long bazaar, we recommend that you do
not enter here with your vehicles, starting from the beginning of the
bazaar you can buy wonderful Mardin coffees, mardin almond
sugar, mardin natural soaps, mardin natural teas, and many more.
You can take. While walking in the bazaar, you can visit old Mardin
mansions, mosques, churches, etc, listen to the stories of these
places and take beautiful souvenir photos. At the end of the bazaar,
there are wonderful viewing cafes under the Mardin castle. You can
experience the special coffees of Mardin here, you can enjoy a great
hookah, I do not want to go without saying that the prices are very
reasonable here.
Midyat is a district of Mardin, it is about 25 minutes away from
Mardin, it is the most beautiful district of Mardin, Midyat is an
ancient district where mostly Muslims and Assyrians live, there are
wonderful places to see in this beautiful district where Yezidis and
Jews live. You can find artifacts from different civilizations in
Midyat, in the center of Midyat there is a wonderful mosque from
the Ottoman Empire period, many artifacts from the Seljuk
period, magnificent churches built in the early periods of
Christianity, complexes, guest houses and much more, you will
not be able to get enough of visiting Midyat. An average of
Turkish TV series are shot in Midyat every year, so Midyat is
known and loved both in Turkey and all over the world, Midyat
was the first in Turkey as the district that attracts the most
tourists. you can take photos in Midyat bazaar, you can visit the
world-famous Midyat silver filigree art and the shops of the
filigree masters, you can watch the filigree crafts made entirely by
hand, and you can shop, you can buy the world-famous Midyat
Syriac wine, the Midyat melon is very delicious, it will truly be the
most delicious melon you will eat in Turkey, Midyat grape is very
delicious, you should definitely eat it and of course Midyat
watermelon. The thing that will attract your attention the most
while visiting Midyat is that many languages are spoken, Turkish,
Kurdish, Syriac and Mihallemic are spoken in Midyat, also known
as Mardin Arabic in Mihallemi. The people of Midyat speak at
least two languages, which is truly admirable. The people of
Midyat are very kind and hospitable, the time we spent here was
great, we definitely recommend you to go. After describing
Mardin in detail above, we will now tell you about the
magnificent places you should see in Mardin.
MOR GABRIEL MONASTERY deyrulumur monastery midyat.
This monastery is in the form of a complex and it is really big, you
can visit inside, and this beautiful structure, which is very
important for Assyrians, is available every year from all over
Europe for pilgrimage, this very old structure is over 1500 years
old, despite all the royal empires and wars, managed to stand
Midyat guesthouse is located in Midyat Syriac neighborhood. This
wonderful mansion, which is more famous for the TV series and
movies shot, is worth seeing, we definitely recommend you to see
this beautiful place visited by thousands of tourists every day. You
can take great photos here.
White water is a wonderful place, 50 minutes away from Mardin,
among the mountains, where there is a water spring, you can cool
off by swimming in a stream in the heat of summer.
The ancient city of Dara is one of the magnificent ancient cities
that you should go and see, 40 minutes away from Mardin. The
city, which was carved into the rocks made by the Eastern Roman
Empire, is one of the most important ancient cities of