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16 September 2022

Ankara is one of the most ancient cities of Turkey. It has hosted dozens of civilizations, kingdoms and empires. Ankara, where there are hundreds of artifacts from ancient civilizations, is much more beautiful than you can imagine.


Anıtkabir is one of the first places you should see. I'm sure we all know more or less the history of this beautiful and meaningful place. That's why I think you, dear readers, will like it more by explaining the time I spent here and how I felt, instead of historical and technical details. It is an indescribable feeling to visit our great leader, the mausoleum really fascinates itself in terms of architecture, there are museums in Anıtkabir. There are also belongings and memories of our great leader and his friends here. There are special belongings of our great leader and a special section reserved for him, and in other sections worth seeing, the memories of the War of Independence, the Memories of the Dardanelles War. If I'm not mistaken, like Atatürk's friends section, it consists of four sections in total. While visiting these museums, it allows us to understand more easily how difficult the struggle was. It reveals how the spirit of faith and struggle of our ancestors was above the people of the world. It is impossible not to cry while walking there. While I was visiting that place, I saw that the other visitors who were traveling with us were also crying and feeling emotional. I witnessed once again how tightly this Turkish people are connected to their homeland and nation, to their unity and past, and I am proud of my country.



Ankara Castle is one of the oldest and symbolic places of the mainland. The castle from ancient civilizations has served many civilizations, and the castle, which was renovated during the periods of many civilizations, was last restored by the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey and took its current form. Another reason that makes Ankara Castle beautiful and worth seeing is the houses that still preserve their historical structure from very old civilizations. Ankara Castle, which is worth seeing and visiting here, is really beautiful and you can see the whole mainland from a bird's eye view. We recommend you to enjoy the magnificent view of Ankara with tea or coffee in the cafe in the castle. I would say that when you come to Ankara, do not leave without stopping by here.


There are museums in dozens of different places and on dozens of different subjects in Ankara. Ankara is a good option for those who like to visit museums. I can describe the museums that are more beautiful than the other as follows. Liberation War Museum. You can visit many museums such as the Roman Empire, the museum about the ancient times, the Rahmi Koç museum and MEHMET AKIF ERSOY. Ankara offers many options for museum lovers.




Dear friends, right now I'm thinking how to start telling you about this beautiful place. This place is really very beautiful and special. A farm spread over a very large area, this place, which was given as a gift to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at the time, is a very developed place compared to that period. There are beautiful places here. Museums, old inventions from those times, the same place as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's house in Thessaloniki was built there, I definitely recommend you to see this place. The farm is very big and there are cafes and restaurants, I don't think you will get bored here because you can spend your whole day here. From an emotional point of view, it's exciting to see where a leader comes from. You can understand the life standard of the man who founded a country, that you don't need anything to dream big, everything is in the blood flowing in our veins in our hearts and horizons.


 ATA KULE tower is worth seeing and the view is really nice and fascinating. It is known as the second shopping center of Turkey or the mainland, if I am not mistaken, with a shopping center built under the special period of the former president Turgut. Although it was built in 1989, we definitely recommend you to see a really beautiful and exciting place. Finally, there are wonderful places to visit in this beautiful city, such as the Red Crescent square, and the parliament of the Turkish republic. There are many, many things to do in this ancient city. I wish everyone a nice and meaningful time in their Ankara trip.