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16 September 2022

Izmir is one of the most beautiful big cities in Turkey. It is home to ancient structures from the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire, and many civilizations. The streets of Izmir smell of history and civilization. The people of Izmir are the most modern people of Turkey. İzmir also has a special place for Turkish people. Izmir is both a metropolitan city and one of the rare cities in the world that offers a peaceful life. Although its natural life has been greatly affected by the latest fires, saplings have already been planted in the burned and destroyed areas thanks to the benevolence of the Turkish people. We hope that none of our forests will burn again all over the world and everyone will fight to protect our forests and natural life. There is the Aegean Sea in İzmir, smelling the Aegean sea, watching the waves and even swimming is an indescribable feeling, you have to experience it to understand it. While walking around Izmir, you will realize that you will feel as if you are walking in a coastal town rather than in a big city. It is a natural, modest, calm and peaceful izmir.

Konak Square is one of the icons of Izmir, there are many 
important symbols such as the clock tower and the government 
mansion around it, it is a place that you should definitely see 
and visit. It is a beautiful square where the heart of Izmir beats, 
watching the clock tower, watching the pigeons, watching the 
seagulls, smelling the sea, and watching the beautiful people of 
Izmir. The square is quite big, close to the beach, there are parks 
in front of the beach, there are people sitting on the green 
grass, people selling tea, street artists, the waves of the Aegean 
sea, the sounds of the ferry, the sounds of peddlers, the ice 
cream seller, in short, it is a wonderful environment. You won't 
realize how fast time flies here.
The ‘’kızalar ağası han’’ is one of the beautiful artifacts 
from the Ottoman history, famous for its natural herbal 
teas and Ottoman-style coffee in the sand. While visiting 
this coffee-smelling place, let's not forget to visit the 
ottoman inn mosque right next to it. Here is a nice place 
to see Ottoman architecture and Ottoman inn culture up 
close. Hey, it's an organic environment where the ground 
smells like coffee.We recommend that you stop by early 
in the morning, as this place is quite busy during the day.
This park, which has the title of Europe's largest
natural life park, allows you to see lions, elephants
and many animal species, it is a must see place.
And there are world-class animal care and walking
areas, animal rights are respected at the highest
level, it is very exciting especially for children, we
recommend you to spend half a day here, half a
day is ideal for you to see every place and all kinds
of animals because it is quite big.
Turkey's first classic car museum It is possible to 
see 130 classic cars. Several motorcycles are 
available. It is exciting for classic car lovers. Located 
on a large area, this museum has classic cars, each 
more beautiful than the other. This museum, which 
contains almost all of the world's largest car brands 
in its collection, is worth seeing. It is really nice to 
see the colors, smells and fashion of the classic 
One of Turkey's most important historical 
buildings. It continues to be the center of attention 
with more than one million visitors annually. The 
fact that the Virgin Mary lived here makes it 
unique. And people from different religions come 
here to perform their pilgrimage. In many beliefs, 
this place is considered sacred, although the 
reason for the intense interest here from all over 
the world is primarily religious belief, there are 
many people who want to see the architecture of 
that period. You can be sure that you will witness a 
completely different environment. It is a legendary 
feeling to experience the people of that period, to 
experience that moment in terms of their lifestyles, 
perspectives on life, living standards, the 
importance they attach to art, their architectural 
talents and many more. This place is on the world 
heritage list. It has been the living point of people 
for 9000 years without interruption.
And of course, you can't do without tasting those 
legendary appetizers without eating fish at the 
famous izmir fish restaurants in Izmir. You should 
definitely stop by here and eat delicious fish dishes. 
Although we do not want to comment on the 
prices, we would like you to know that a 
presentation and taste that is worth the price you 
pay is waiting for you. Fish restaurants offer so 
many appetizers that you can't count before the 
main course comes, and this is a very beautiful 
culture, after the main course, you are sure to have 
a truly delicious and satisfying meal. It's wonderful 
to walk all the way to the starboard promenade,
The sounds of the fishermen, the seagulls trying to 
get their share of the fish caught, the old or young 
couples walking quietly and calmly looking at the 
legendary Aegean Sea view, the sound of the 
waves, the quiet and cool breeze that caresses our 
hair and face, the conversation you have with your 
friends really makes Izmir Cord unique.
The feature that makes Çeşme beach different 
is warmer than other beaches thanks to the 
hot spring waters flowing into the sea from 
different places.. Burada yüzmek vakit 
geçirmek gerçekten çok çok güzel bir duygu. 
From morning to evening, you can spend time 
here without getting bored. It is possible to 
eat good breakfast or pancakes from the 
restaurant, by the way, I recommend you to 
eat pancakes, which are very tasty.
Also known as one of the quietest places in Turkey,
Seferihisar is very, very peaceful and calm, the
history of the houses with wonderful architecture
dates back to the forest. There are shops.We
recommend you to see the very beautiful and
modest market, which dates back to BC. Seferihisar,
dating back 1000 years to the Achaean period and
founded by the Cretans, is located on the Urla
Peninsula. Artichokes, olives, and citrus fruits are
grown in its famous gardens, which have wonderful
gardens. In short, this is a legendary place if you
want to buy organic products, this is the right