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16 September 2022

The Balkans is one of the most beautiful geographies in the world. The Balkans is home to an ancient and tired, happy and sad natural paradise, each more beautiful than the next, with its lush green nature and cold winter climate. Why is this beautiful land that embraces dozens of religions and languages happy and sad?

 I am Bilal Küçükaslan, I will try to tell you, dear readers, what a place awaits you, what kind of a place it is at the end of the conversations I have had with thousands of people and the experiences I have seen and witnessed in the Balkans, by adding my feelings from my own perspective to you, dear readers.

Dear friends, I will not tire you with technical details and statistics. I know you are excited, I will try to tell you with a sincere and warm expression in a more affectionate way, let's get started then.

The Balkans are home to beautiful countries, and I can tell you that I gained experience by visiting almost all the Balkans during the long time I lived there. I would like you to know that although all the countries in the Balkans are small and close to each other, there is not a very large and powerful state among them. In this section, I would like to continue my words from an emotional point of view. Why are the Balkans happy and sad?

 I asked this question above! Now in this part, I will talk to you about sadness.

Dozens of civilizations, tens of religions, tens of races have come and gone from this ancient and fertile lands, this mighty lands that have endured thousands of wars, these lands are tired, these lands are wailing. I said ancient lands, this is exactly the price or legacy of all the blood spilled from all the wars experienced: even though the people of the Balkans are exhausted and immune to all the horror and pain experienced, in the eyes of the people there I saw the hatred, horror, I saw the cruelty, I saw the helplessness here. I tried to explain what goes on deep in the eyes and words of the talented and successful Balkan people. Well, why did they come to this state, in fact, to be frank, the legacy of imperialism to the whole world is the living standards that make it necessary to leave a legacy of hatred and grudge to the unborn generations as a result of the insatiable greed and ego of human beings. While I can give dozens of in-depth analyzes and examples, I have to cut it out here in order not to tire you, dear readers. Therefore, the fate of the Balkans is not much different from the rest of the geographies, and even more unfortunately, when we look back at what the Balkans have been through in the last century, which was in the middle of the most brutal wars in history, it becomes easier to understand the people of the Balkans. Especially the genocides, millions of people killed for the sake of religion and race...


I told you what goes on in the deepest part of the eyes and words of the heart of the Balkan people.

Now I will tell you how these noble people lived life to the fullest despite all that had happened.

Of course, I will also touch on the natural beauties of the Balkans, but soon.

I have to point out that the entertainment culture of each corner of the Balkans is different, regardless of religion or race, alcohol consumption is very high in the Balkans in general, especially beer consumption is very popular. Although there are different entertainment styles in nightlife, I would like to tell you about the 3 most popular entertainment activities.

The first and generally the entertainment style preferred by the majority is as follows:

All friends gather in a restaurant, drink alcohol, sing songs, eat meals, and these parties can last until the morning. And in general, such spaces are very narrow and the tables are stuck to each other, but the Balkans are not disturbed by this in any way. Because people do not have the habit of listening to the conversation of the next table and gossiping, I mean that people are extremely sensitive to each other's privacy.

The second most popular entertainment style.

As is the case all over the world, parties continue until the morning, accompanied by Clup DJs and world music. In general, I would like to state that the people of the Balkans pay attention to their dress and dress and they are very clean. Balkan songs are also played in these places. And in general, these places do not have excessively expensive prices like in other countries, in general, the prices here are very affordable, especially in Turkey, it costs a lot to drink something in such places, I would like to say that they bring a good time in these places and generally it ends without any fights and noise.

The third most popular entertainment style.

There is an entertainment culture consisting of tavern-pub style venues, I would like to state that mature people generally prefer these places, but I want you to know that young people show great interest in these places, dear readers, these places are generally small places and dimly lit places where there is not much light in the side streets. and very little live music. Alcohol is generally consumed here. In general, there is no fight or discussion in these places, and there is not much fighting in the Balkan culture.


Dear friends, although there are many ways to visit the Balkans, I will try to explain you better ways to travel all countries at once and in a short time.

The first and most comfortable method.

Go to Sarajevo, there are guides who know the region well, get in touch with someone, you hire a guide with a private car, the guide is both your driver and guide. First of all, the guide takes information about what you want and how many days you have. Then the guide determines what you can do in how many days, how many countries you can visit, and gives you a few alternative routes and offers you which route you choose, then your journey begins. In general, these routes are as follows. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo and Albania. This method is one of the most popular methods, but I would like to point out that it is not cheap, dear friends.

It is possible to go to all the Balkans by bus by contracting with big tour companies from Turkey, and this is generally preferred because it is both cheap and disciplined and you get the opportunity to see many countries at once. And in general, these tours are organized as weekly or bi-weekly tours. The journey that starts in Istanbul ends in Istanbul. I would like to write the following at least how many countries you can see with these tours. Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece. I want you to know that these tours are really cheap and very entertaining, and I recommend them to everyone.



It is possible to visit all the Balkans individually with your own vehicle, and you can have a very enjoyable and enjoyable experience with this method, but I recommend you to spend a lot of time to be comfortable because I recommend you to relax and enjoy the trip to the fullest. I wish everyone a good time in advance. Dear friends, I have prepared an unusual blog post in a different language, I hope you like it. Blessings and love.

Bilal Küçükaslan