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After Sales Services

After Sales Services

As a real estate owner, we wish to meet your demands for the services you may need to the maximum.


You should remember that you can get services with Homes benefits related to a real estate sale or Real Estate Rental! Homes, which allows you to receive quality services with its professional team, certainly does not compromise on this issue. In particular, it manages to diversify the options that you can take advantage of thanks to after-sales support while providing you with options that will add value to real estate.

As a real estate owner, we wish to meet your demands for the services you may need to the maximum. We desire to meet your expectations, especially concerning everyday needs, and we do not compromise on quality. Below you will be able to examine what options are offered to you with Homes assurance.


As an investor who invests in real estate in Turkey, we offer the most ideal options in real estate management when you are not in Turkey. We take precautions so that your home does not encounter any problems while performing real estate-related work. We also follow the process of tenant relations while conducting general reviews of your rental home.


As Homes, we care that your home is comfortable and hygienic before the use of both you and your tenants in accordance with the demands from you. To sign successful works in this regard, we provide you with the opportunity to use real estate cleaning operations at regular intervals. If you also want to benefit from unusual cleaning alternatives, you can sign a successful process in real estate cleaning operations with Homes. You must contact us to take action with an understanding that prioritizes quality.


Do you want to sign a higher quality safety by insurance of your home and belongings? Thanks to home insurance, which you will make to guarantee both your belongings and your home, you are considered to have taken precautions against possible risks. You can determine which alternatives you will benefit from in terms of insurance and how you should manage the process by contacting us. You can start experiencing Homes privileges immediately, especially when it comes to home insurance, which is an issue that people who do not know the insurance process should get support for.


You need to sign up for a very rigorous process to design and handle your garden in a better-quality way. We prioritize professionalism related to garden care, which is an issue that will add value to your real estate. We respond to all requests from you by carefully evaluating the processes related to tree care and plants.


One of the most valuable options for your real estate is security solutions. To keep security to the best standards and to sign a quality adventure, you must apply for Homes privileges. We support you in terms of security with our uncompromising understanding of quality.