‘SMART HOUSE’ One of the proofs that our company never stops improving and keeping up with the technology is our current implementation of the "smart house" system in our new villa construction projects. “Smart home” technology is emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm. A wide range of aspects that includes security, energy-saving, ventilation, the smart kitchen is covered in this conecpt. All of the above is executed with the help of smart devices such as remote control, security alarms and sensors. You want to come in a warm home after work, you are not sure that all the devices are turned off or the security alarm is on, for all this the SMART HOME system makes life easier. It allows you to manage your household remotely from your office, while you are on the road or anywhere away from your home.

VIP living standards, unique modern design, magnificent sea view built on a valuable land, and miraculous pine forests in the middle of the world-famous Babadağ Mountain and Mendos Mountains.We bring you together with our project that will make you experience paradise.Our RAYAL Villa project, every detail of which has been designed with great mastery and care, has been started as a single detached villa on a large and valuable land. In addition to the comfort it offers, it includes a Turkish bath, sauna, gym, smart home systems, movie theater and many more details. Our ROYAL Villa project, located in a magnificent location on the Babadag road, is legendary with its sea view, forest view, and city view. The biggest difference is that the view it has will never close.