Our villas in Fethiye CALIŞ, Turkey's favorite holiday center, are built with modern and high quality standards. Çalış region is one of the most appreciated favorite regions of Fethiye.

Our villas, which we have built on valuable lands, are blended with our architectural, construction and developing experience that we have gained over the years. It is within walking distance to the world famous Çalış Beach. Çalış beach is a very popular and visited beach in summer and winter. Çalışregion is a region with summer and winter life. There are markets, bazzars and restaurants that are open in summer and winter. The Çalış region is a region that the elites love and live in both summer and winter, but it is a peaceful region full of air and oxygen. Çalış region is very close to all central and touristic areas. Çalış beach and Çalış region is a miraculous region where pure mystery and magnificence occur, especially at sunsets and sunrises. In summer and winter, hundreds of people gather on the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset.